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18 Nov 2019

A disbalance between supply and demand can be found on the Turkish hazelnut market. The amount of enquiries seems to surpass the availability of offer....

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Hazelnuts General information

Hazelnuts are mainly used for industrial purposes. They grow in Turkey and are “competitors” of the Almonds for industrial use. They are used mostly in mixes with other nuts and dried fruits but also in huge quantities in the industries.

By far the biggest growing region of hazelnut kernels is Turkey, producing approx. 75%-85% of the world production. Beside Turkey, Hazelnuts are grown in Spain, Italy, Oregon (USA) and some Eastern European countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia).

Hazelnutkernels are mainly sold as kernels, which are calibrated in mm size, ranging from 15 mm up, 14-16 mm, 13-15 mm, 11-13 mm, 9-11 mm and smaller than 9-11.
Hazelnutkernels are being exported as natural (raw) as well as manufactured : blanched, blanched roasted, blanched sliced/diced/slivered, and paste.

Harvest of Hazelnutkernels in Turkey is starting end of July/August and finishes at the end of August/September.

Packing for raw hazelnutkernels is bags of 25 or 50 kg g/n whereas most manufactured material is packed in vacuum bags in cartons of 12,5 or 25 kg net weight.
For larger end users, hazelnuts have been packed in bins of 1000 kg and paste has been exported in barrels of 200 KG but also in tanker trucks.

Energy 641 kcal.
2.837 kJ.
Total Fat 62,6 gr.
Total Protein 19,65 gr.
Total Carbohydrates 11,9 gr.
Total Minerals 2,5 gr.
Total Vitamins 3,2 mg.