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Bridging Supply & Demand

Connecting source and consumption, we are constantly adapting to changing market circumstances and focusing on customer demand regarding specifications and food safety programs. We strive for perfection: ‘A perfect deal is one that is to the full satisfaction of all parties involved’.

Market knowledge

Over the past two decades we have gathered our knowledge, know-how and extensive experience on origin and destination of our nuts and dried fruits by means of thorough research among a wide range of market parties allowing buyers and sellers to share our expertise in order to enable them to make the best decision on the day. Do you want to stay up-to-date?  Click here to subscribe to our monthly market report.

Our values

Reliability, commitment and long-term partnerships are very much part of our way of doing business. We deliver what we promise and are committed in an honest and reliable way.

Sustainable and Long-term
We are working to extend, build and expand long-term sustainable relationships to the benefit of buyer and seller. Mutual understanding of process and demand is a very important factor. Regular visits to the various origins and suppliers, as well as customers, secure the latest information and knowledge on processing and developments for all parties

Nuts & Dried Fruits are our core business. As an independent broker/agent, we offer unbiased advice on market developments to satisfy suppliers and buyers demands and requirements, to the benefit of all parties, leading to success.


Our team 

Gerard Klijn


Kees Blokland


Jaap van Oenen


Laurent de Ruiter


Daan Huijser

Junior trader

Tânia Teixeira


Yara Carreño


Tjerk Janse

Junior trader