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Kees Blokland

Kees Blokland

Bridging supply and demand.

Global Trading & Agency B.V.

Gerard Klijn and Kees Blokland founded the company in 1993. The goal was to create transparent –literally shorter- supply chains, connecting origin suppliers with end-user customers, and of course to share our knowledge and views about the world of Nuts & Dried Fruits with our partners worldwide.

Over the past 2 decades, many long-term relationships and (exclusive) agencies are built, based on trust, commitment and knowledge.

We are very proud to be one of the independent leading sources of information in the world of Nuts & Dried Fruits. With our experienced staff we are offer you analyses and market views to decide on your sale/purchase, and each contract is backed with a professional team to follow the product till the final delivery of the product.

We pride ourselves with long term relationships with both quality suppliers and customers. And with our passion, commitment and daily presence in the value chain, we have created a unique position in the market.