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10 Jul 2020

Due to slower shipments from origin -ships not calling to the port of export- stocks in Europe are limited. Therefore the gap between origin price and....

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Brazilnuts General information

The brazilnut is a nut which is hardly cultivated. Until recent, the nut was a 100% wild grown nut which grows well in the jungle of the Amazon rainforest and is gathered by the local population in the bush. The brazilnuts are growing in trees which can reach a height of 60 meter. They are grown in pots, which are falling at the ground (because of the height of the trees, the nuts cannot be picked) and gathered by the people. The pots are cut open and the inshell brazilnuts are shipped by boat to the factories and processed. Brazilnutkernels are very popular when coated with chocolate. It is also used in the cereal industry and of course as a snack, as one of the ingredients of mixed nuts or in the very attractive ‘Studentenfutter’ in Germany. 

The Brazilnuts are growing in the triangle of Brazil, Bolivia and Peru in the Amazon rainforest.

Brazilnuts are sized from Large (90/110 pieces per pound) to Tinies (180-220 pieces per pound).

The local people start to gather the nuts by December/January and are continuing this until June. Collection (and thus the crop) depends partly on the pre-paid amount that the shelling factories can pre-pay the collectors that will enter the jungle. When the prices are low, limited volume will be gathered, resulting in a ‘smaller crop’ (really it is only a more limited availability as there are enough goods available farther in the jungle, but these won’t be collected and will deteriorate and become useless).

Brazilnuts are packed in 44 lbs aluminium packs net per carton.

Energy 703 kcal.
2.938 kJ.
Total Fat 66,9 gr.
Total Protein 14,3 gr.
Total Carbohydrates 7,8 gr.
Total Minerals 3,3 gr.
Total Vitamins 1,6 mg.