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Walnuts June 25, 2021

The sentiment in the walnut market remained firm during the last two weeks, neither is a new direction expected until new crop becomes available from the main growing regions. China seems to be well sold on their export grades and also California seems to be heavenly sold already, with still another four months to go before new crop comes into play. Volumes from Eastern-Europe have been low since the start of the season last year, new product of decent quality is basically unavailable right now. This leaves the market with options from Chile, which had a nice crop in terms of quality but a disappointing crop size after all, which is quoted to be down 10% to 15% from last year. As a natural result, availability is tight and prices are increasing week after week. The low availability from origin, plus the disruption of the supply chain caused by the world wide issues on sea freight, is keeping spot availability in Europe tight as well. It therefore remains our advice to consider your needs for the months ahead.