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Walnutkernels December 21, 2016

The market of European walnuts seems to be in a small dormancy. After the tensed weeks before Christmas the market slowed down during the last few weeks. Most processors use this period to work on their marketing plans for 2017 and are open for bookings in January and February. Due to the depressive season in terms of available raw material do the most suppliers have a reluctant attitude towards bookings after February. Main driver is the change on a premature sell out or worse, the change to get blocked on the raw material by terms of price and availability. Bookings on the short term are advised to take in consideration, the sales during January and February will clarify the options for the long term.

California has been running on full steam so far. The shipment figures of November showed us a ‘turkey’ on exported product, achieving the third record this season. Total shipment figures increased by 39.6% compared to November last year. While the crop of the Eastern European regions has been disappointing this season, has the Californian exceeded the estimated quantity as released by the USDA earlier this year. The estimate was set on 670.000 MT inshell during September, while handlers already reported that they received over 675.000 MT so far. After these intense figures most suppliers are currently of the market, expected to be open for booking again during the beginning of January. Prices are expected to maintain firm for both the shelled as inshell market. Please get in touch for a one to one price update, we are happy to inform you.