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About Raisins

Raisins are healthy and have many applications and can be used in a lot of different food products. To name some: In a mix with nuts and other dried fruits. In chocolate products. In cereals. Interesting to know is that raisins are dried grapes and in some years the heavy demand of fresh table grapes or grapes to be used by the wineries cause a shortage in the field, causing a limited supply of raisins in the end.

Origins / Growing areas

USA (California), the Mediterranean areas (mainly Turkey), Iran , Chile and Australia.

Grades / Varieties

Raisins grown in Turkey and Iran are mainly Sultana type raisins and are sorted on color in (st. 8, st. 9 and st. 10). Beside that, customer can choose for different kind of sorting, like laser sorting and hand picking on tables.
It is only in recent years that Turkey started to produce Thompson raisins as well.

Only South Africa has grown Sultana and Thompson variety raisins in the past years.
Sorting is being done on cleanliness (regular cleaned by machine or laser scanned) and size, where different terms are used, like Choice and Standard grade.

In the USA mainly Thompson variety is grown.
Also here sorting is being done on cleanliness (regular cleaned by machine or laser scanned) and size, where goods are called Selects, Midgets and Tinies/Midgets.

Chile is mainly producing Flames and Thompsons.

Harvest times / Shipment times

On the northern Hemisphere, harvest is during August/September.
On the southern Hemisphere, harvest is from January until March.


Turkey : 12,5 kg net per carton.
Australia : 30 lbs net per carton
USA : 12,5 kg or 30 lbs net per carton
Chile : 10 or 12,5 kg net per carton

Nutritional values (per 100 gr)

Energy 321 kcal.
1.343 kJ.
Total Fat 0,2 gr.
Total Protein 2,5 gr.
Total Carbohydrates 76,5 gr.
Total Minerals 1,9 gr.
Total Vitamins 1,3 mg.

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