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24 May 2017

All signs for a good apricot crop are green as the risk of frost is basically over. The information from origin is pointing towards a 150.000 mton cro....

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Apricots General information

The Apricot is a nice and healthy fruit, which is mainly grown and processed in Turkey. It is used as a snack (high moisture and low moisture) and as an ingredient in the bakery industry.

The main origin is Turkey. Beside that some special types are coming from California and South Africa.

Apricots are selected in nr 0 (61-80 pieces per kilogram) up to nr 8 (220 and more pieces per kilogram. Beside the grading in size, we are having a selection in quality (color & percentage of speckled fruits) to be divided in Extra Fancy, Fancy and Choice quality.
For industrial use (like jam) they have a grade called industrial grade.

Depending on the weather conditions harvest is starting by the end of July/during August and finishing in 4-6 weeks time.

Product is packed in 12,5 kg net per carton.

Energy 291 kcal.
1.214 kJ.
Total Fat 0,5 gr.
Total Protein 5,0 gr.
Total Carbohydrates 63,5 gr.
Total Minerals 3 gr.
Total Vitamins 15,47 mg.