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Macadamias March 03, 2022

With the crop in Australia and South Africa closing in the critical time has started as well. The news about adverse weather in Australia and particularly in some macadamia regions is followed closely. First and foremost it is sad to see all the damage and then in particular the Lismore region and we wish everybody all the best and hope the situation will improve soon.
Keeping the above in mind there is obviously also concern on the crop and also how this weather will further develop and whether the more northern regions will be threatened as well.
In South Africa the crop is developing nicely and all being well the crop estimate should be reached. Overall availability should be fine.
From a demand point of view we see different developments. December shipments into the US were all-time high for December. This after a strong November shipping month is interesting to see, but is it going to continue? Time will tell.
Europe is moving nicely with proper shipments and with the supermarket tenders being around the corner it will be interesting to see how this market develops with all the uncertainty on the European continent at the moment.
China is at the moment a bit of a concern when it comes to NIS. There is word about quite heavy inventories, but this is mainly for the low quality product. Nonetheless this makes buyers very reluctant. On the other side there is very strong demand on kernels at the moment which is very good news. For the moment this is mainly for whole nuts, but it could also fuel other developments.
Overall we see stable prices at the moment and perhaps not a bad moment to consider booking some volume. Style 4L and style 2 are at the moment rather attractively priced, where style 1 is stable and chances of prices moving up needs to be taken into consideration due to the above written development in China.
Another point that also needs to be mentioned here is the news that Jolyon Burnett will step down as CEO of the Australian Macadamia Society after 14 years. We would like to thank you for the passion you have brought and the openness also to connect with both South Africa and even the Netherlands! We have good memories of the mostly short meetings we had at the various macadamia symposiums and other conferences. We wish you well!