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Macadamia July 24, 2020

A dull market is creating nice opportunities for buyers and consumers. Discounted prices are a great opportunity for the snack and industrial industry to promote macadamias. The 2020 season is a challenging season with some carry over of 2019 crop still, but short crops in Australia and South Africa. The years ahead are looking promising if we count the planted ha. Rapidly increasing crops -mainly in South Africa- should help the market to find stability and securities for packers and industries where we have seen high(er) prices over the past years, mainly due to heavy interest for NIS from China. With the growing crops in all producing areas, including China, the impact of NIS sales will decrease and kernel prices should become more stable and generate interest of R&D departments to innovate again.
At the moment prices are at interesting levels and it might be recommendable to cover positions for the snack Styles (as style 0, style 1 and style 2). For the industrial styles availability is OK and demand slowed down significantly due to closure of bars and restaurants due to Covid-19.