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Macadamia April 18, 2019

Demand for macadamias remains strong for both kernel and NIS. The trend is that more product is allocated to kernel, but it doesn’t result in an oversupply. Besides that Kenya is having a very disappointing crop it seems most supermarkets in Europe are not accepting Kenyan product anymore. This results in an uptake of demand for Australia and South Africa. Australia is offering more to the market as they moved away quite some volume from the NIS. Nonetheless, the volumes from Australian are rather limited and as such not really the answer on the limited volumes.
Consequently, prices for style 1 and 2 have been on the rise. This is most likely going to stay like that for 2019 season as the demand outplays supply quite a bit. On the ingredient styles demand is a bit slower, but picking up. Knowing that the crop is stable in Australia, growing a bit in South Africa and very disappointing in Kenya it is recommendable to cover a fair portion of your needs.