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Cashew August 24, 2017

The market of cashewnutkernels remains in a squeeze. On the one hand, good supply of RCN (although of lower quality) and on the other hand limited demand pushing processors to offer discounted prices to get interest and sales in their books.

Over the last couple of days this changed a little bit as more and more of the remaining ‘reasonable’ quality is sold and buyers returning from their summer breaks showing some interest. Prices went up a couple of cents. It will depend on demand where prices will move to in the coming weeks. When good demand shows up for 2017 and early 2018 prices will go up further. When all buyers around the globe are covered and can wait until January we might see stability in the market.

To avoid ‘surprises’, we would recommend being covered until end of the year/February 2018 as new crop from West Africa will show up than.