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Brazilnuts December 23, 2021

We are glad to share a couple of remarks with you as follows on behalf of our supplier Voicevale:
• Factories have been buying raw material, targeting to open early so they can begin to export
• Early competition for the limited raw material has increased the cost from 200 Bolivianos per case to 270 Bolivianos.
•  With more raw material arriving back to collection points January to March, the expectation is that pricing will level out
•  Crop looks normal but we will know more by Feb/March
•  Traditionally new crop Brazilnuts ship in March and January & February are carry over months shipments
•  This year almost all the 2020 crop was shipped by November with very limited quantities being shipped in December
•  January & February 2022 shipments will be from the new crop. The early shipments are being offered at a premium