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About Pecans

The Pecannut kernel is an ‘old nut’ which was already used and preferred by the Indians in the USA, the main growing region. These days it is often thought about as a different walnut, which obviously is not correct.  The sweetness of the product and the other characteristics allow pecans to be used in many different applications, for example: as a snack nut, used single or in a mix as an ingredient in cookies, ice cream, etc. Pecans have a long shelf life and hold very well in dairy products. The main consuming market is the USA whereas the export market is growing as more countries across the globe start to appreciate the sweet taste of pecans and enjoy the many usage forms. A large part of the American crop is grown in orchards but the other (still relatively) large part is called ‘Natives’, meaning that the trees are ‘wild’. These trees are not irrigated, fertilized or ‘helped’ in any way to produce a good crop. Native nuts are being collected by anyone who wants to make a little money and in a year where prices are good, the crop comes in. In a year where prices are low, part of these nuts remain uncollected.

Origins / Growing areas

The largest growing area is the USA. The pecan grows in the ‘pecan belt’ which covers an area from Arizona in the West to North and South Caroline in the East of the USA. The next largest producing country is Mexico, followed by Australia and South Africa.
A lot of the Mexican product finds its way into the USA shelling plants but of late the local market in Mexico has grown considerably

Grades / Varieties

Pecannut kernels are mainly sold as kernels and are graded in different sizes. During the shelling process a part of the kernels breaks and thus pieces are being produced, which are sorted over a screen to have equally sized product.

Mammoth Halves, 200/250
Junior Mammoth Halves, 250/300
Jumbo Halves, 300/350
Extra Large Halves, 350/450
Large Halves, 450/550
Medium Halves, 550/650
Topper Halves, 650/800
All are pieces per pound.

Mammoth pieces, over 8/16” screen
Extra Large Pieces, through 9/16” & over 8/16” screen
Large Pieces, through 8/16” & over 6/16” screen
Large/ Medium Pieces, through 6/16” & over 5/16” screen
Medium Pieces, through 5/16” & over 4/16” screen
Small Pieces, through 4/16” & over 3/16” screen
Midget Pieces, through 3/16” & over 1/8” screen
Granules, through 1/8” & over 5/64” screen
Meal, through 5/64” screen

Harvest times / Shipment times

USA/Mexico: October and November
South Africa: March/April


Pecanutkernels are packed in 30 lbs net per carton, vacuum.

Nutritional values (per 100 gr)

Energy 736 kcal.
3,076 kJ.
Total Fat 71,2 gr.
Total Protein 9,2 gr.
Total Carbohydrates 12,3 gr.
Total Minerals 1,6 gr.
Total Vitamins 3,1 mg.

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